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Blair Investments

A fee-only independent registered investment advisor based in Portland, Oregon and serving families and businesses in Oregon and Washington State.




At Blair Investments we want to grow with you.  That is why we are a fee-only advisor.  We are not compensated by any product company so that we can provide truly objective and unbiased advice. 


As a Registered Investment Advisor we are required by law to put our clients interests first.  This fiduciary duty results in the only conflict-free model of wealth management.


Customized Advice

You are not the same as everyone else, and you don’t deserve pre-packaged ideas.  We develop each portfolio to suit your unique goals now, and throughout your life.



Blair Investments works with financially successful individuals, families and businesses to develop customized wealth management solutions.  Since 2006 we have helped our clients to quantify their financial position, prepare a personalized portfolio, and meet their current and future goals.  Our founder, David D Blair, has been in the financial services industry for nearly twenty years and started Blair Investments to provide unbiased advice and impeccable service to our clients.

What We Do

Through our conversations with you we will craft a bespoke portfolio guided by your goals, time frame and risk tolerance.  All of our investment research is done in-house with the goal of keeping fees to a minimum, hence we typically use exchange traded funds to create diversification in your portfolio.  We make investment decisions for the long term so our trading fees are minimal and we can look beyond short term volatility in the markets.  In addition we have relationships with alternative asset managers if we determine together that they would improve your risk-adjusted returns.

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