About Us

Blair Investments provides customized wealth management solutions to individuals, families and businesses.


At Blair Investments we are only interested in having a successful partnership with you.  Our business is structured that we do better when you do better.



Our firm is truly open architecture, we can pursue any strategy and use any products that suit you best. Our only compensation comes from our clients, never financial product salespeople.


Nearly twenty years in financial services and over a decade in wealth management gives us experience with all cycles of the market.  We have been through the ups and downs and keep a steady hand on the wheel.

Our Story

Blair Investments was founded in 2006 to provide unbiased “client first” financial advice with simplicity and clarity.  Having previously worked with large brokerages our founder, David D Blair, found the opacity of advice and sales culture contrary to successful client relationships.  Our process is to work as partners with our clients to understand and quantify their needs, then keep them on course to reach their goals.  Key to the relationship is regular open communication and unmatched service, building trust and lifetime relationships.


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