What We Do

Personalized portfolio construction with an emphasis on quality investments and outstanding service.

Some queries on Your mind?

How do your services compare with those of large Wall Street firms?

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor we are bound by a fiduciary duty to put our clients interests and outcomes first.  Wall Street firms are not, it’s that simple.

How are my assets kept safe?

We do not keep custody of any client assets, they are housed at outside brokerage firms and protected by SIPC and FDIC insurance.  On a personal level we work together with our clients to understand and adjust their risk tolerance throughout our relationship.

How are you compensated?

Blair Investments is entirely a fee based advisory firm, we are compensated by a percentage of client assets under management.  We take no compensation from vendors, brokerages or any other salespeople and we relish our independence.

What type of clientele do you serve?

Blair Investments serves individuals, families and businesses with investment management and retirement planning.  We look for partnerships with successful people in any stage of their career that want a long term relationship with a trusted advisor.

What is the minimum for assets under management?

In order to keep our fees low and have ample time to focus on our clients we prefer new clients to have at minimum $500,000 to invest with us.  That said we are more interested in a good personality fit with our clients so talk with us!

What types of investments do you utilize?

For most of our clients we like to use index investments in order to keep fees and volatility low, it has been proven that fees play an outsize role in long term client outcomes.  For some clients we will use individual equity/bond strategies as well as select outside managers in the alternative asset space if it makes sense for their needs.

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